Ru Johnson on Hip Hop/ it’s effect on black male sexuality

Lady Speech Ru Johnson and Torrin Roberts
Lady Speech, Ru Johnson and Torrin Roberts

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The meat of the discussion is at about minute 20. Before that it’s shits and giggles, getting us settled in to hear about the more difficult material, more specifically the large population of black and brown males in prison, how slavery has continued in contemporary for profit prisons, the wide variety of black brown sexuality, and the evidence of how it is, the signification in hip hop music.

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“The Panties 4/24/13”

“Tune and let Ru Johnson and whisper in your ear about Hip Hop and its effect on black male sexuality and male sexuality in general. Come elevate your mind and learn something new. Call in and weigh in on this highly controversial topic. We will be addressing things like how hip hop has embraced homophobia, How the misogynistic attitude of hip hop has alienated men from the tender parts to their sexuality and how hip hop has been used to reinforce black male stereotypes in regards to sexuality. This and much more will be discussed. Tune and let us learn you something…or at the very least…Tune in and let me talk dirty to you after dark.”

The Panties
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