psychopomp is a collaboration between Jennifer Jeannelle, Rebecca Vaughan, and myself that originally was part of Elissa Auther's Notes on Feeling at Redline
Curated by Christine Buchsbaum & Michael Bhichitkul INCLUDED ARTISTS: Ethan Bradford Barrett Elizabeth Huey Derek Paul Boyle Michael Bhichitkul Jenny Magruder William Lamson Edgar Meza Christine Buchsbaum Tony Oursler Ryan Mandell Collaboration by Theresa Anderson Rebecca Vaughan Jennifer Jeannelle Opening Reception, Friday, September 19th, 6:00 - 10:00 pm WHERE YOU BEGIN is on view from September 19th - October 5th, 2014 Pirate: Contemporary Art presents WHERE YOU BEGIN, a group exhibition exploring perception and shared moments of experience. It is a natural impulse, when confronted with an experience that we do not understand, to try to relate it to things we are more familiar with. When our past knowledge can be brought to bear on a new phenomenon, it seems to fall into place, to be readily understood and comprehended. This attempt to gain understanding by relating new information to what we already know is as apparent in our everyday affairs; a time of day, a crack in the sidewalk, a conversation with a stranger, an architectural style of a building, etc. When a memory is internalized, it becomes relevant to understanding, and assimilating future experiences. How we interpret things from our past is subjective, however, the notion of memory is so intriguing that humans, alike, create more metaphors for it than for any other mental phenomenon. Our memories are personal but what if, collectively, our memories are more connected than we realize? WHERE YOU BEGIN attempts to re-see how our memories are linked through a collection of visual epiphanies.

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