What is up with medium specificity?

My notes after visiting the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis:


Media specific exhibitions filled with technical cameraderie whether based in painting, clay, sculpture, photography, textile or photography too often leave me cold.

May I blame the social phenomena Groupthink?  How does this happen that a majority of artists could all be making work that ends up looking the same? Egad. Another room of similar groupings of like objects of like colors.

When did the push for media specific organizations and exhibitions start? I want to say it’s when all those curators lost jobs or positions were quietly left unfilled.

If media specific programming has been around forever is it that it’s just suddenly reached a mass quota? Why have I only recently noticed or become annoyed by what, if left in the wrong hands, is part of a sickly trend?

Not all media specific organizations, exhibitions or publications fall prey to a simpleness of thought that rests just outside of curiosity. I’d like to leave an exhibition with questions. Better yet- make me feel sick, either with worry loss or desire. The how is of less importance than the why something is made. WGAS

A sidenote:

Is this why I’ve not entertained regionalism?



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