Theresa Anderson wallpaper for touching left

performance document for wallpaper for touching 2016

wood, light strip, paint, rope with foam beads and textiles, assorted artist designed textiles and matching wallpaper, lavendar oil, bell

Costume fabricated by Olivia McLean: fabric, zipper, thread, beads, lace, ribbon, buckram, synthetic hair, rope

Performer, Esther Hernandez, and participant

Dimensions variable

“Exploring ideas around contentious space, this itinerant, performative sculpture, re-imagines and addresses absences in the production of historical memory in public art. The drawing, printed on wallpaper and textiles, is made from Anderson’s collection of images of relaxed, laid back, and wide-stance women. These are poses that society traditionally considers powerful, yet exclusive to the realm of men. Participants are invited to transfer their own energy onto the work by applying lavendar oil onto the wallpaper, thereby altering it over time. Wallpaper for touching draws upon magical realism, fables and folk magic and Anderson states that the work “functions as a place for transportation, lucky charm, and talisman.” -Marisa Lerer, Curator

part of Monumental: RedLine’s Annual Resident Artist Exhibition
January 22 – March 27, 2016

Monumental invited RedLine artists to engage with multi-media approaches to re-imagine the monument. Artists address absences in the who, what, where, or when is represented in traditional monuments, and articulate a new notion of the monument through visual and other sensorial forms.

paint on peg, objects for performance
paint on peg, objects for performance

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