This Week’s Ultimate Pick: Katie Watson’s Artist Studio at Redline

Katie Watson
Katie Watson “[seeing each other]”
Katie Watson "[seeing each other]"
Katie Watson “[seeing each other]”
Katie Watson "[seeing each other]"
Katie Watson “[seeing each other]”

I’ve been thinking about this all week. How will I react when I approach Katie Watson’s interactive kissing booth, 2014? How many and what kinds of kissing will be on offer?

Performatively extending the object-based work she completed for the exhibition, “Nonetheless, at Ice Cube Gallery in 2013- Watson’s artist studio at Redline, “An Intimate Melodrama in Three Parts is hot. Going beyond the standard slide lecture, Watson is defining parameters of forced intimacy.

The slick, fetishized, black rubber, double goggles, [seeing each other], 2013, no longer lie inert on a white pedestal but awkwardly inhabit the tangled space between two individuals. As sculptures, the sameness of doubled items only implies certain kinds of relationships. Pushing past these assumptions with painstaking, conceptual actions, the goggles “thingness” is doubled and extended to the body occupying the opposing space.

Where usually becoming a pair is felt as complementary now the conjoining that happens when two people inhabit a work such as [seeing each other] is demonstrative. How alone may a person feel in a relationship where they seem to inhabit the same space? Discrepancies with size and touch become clearer. With the work, [seeing each other] when the partner enters and exits absence and void is noted. What will be the affect when two try to inhabit a doubled life vest?


from the Redline website:

The Artist Studio

2350 Arapahoe St

Denver, CO 80205

An Intimate Melodrama in Three Parts

Artist: Katie Watson

Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time: 6–8 pm

Cost: $12 program admission, free to members 

(Note: Cost includes appetizers and refreshments)

Please RSVP to Ashley at

Join RedLine Resident Artist, Katie Watson, for the May edition of The Artist Studio.  Taking the form of a three-act event, Katie Watson will invite viewers to view and explore the intimacy developing in her current body of work first hand.  Enjoy refreshments and meet the artist in an interactive kissing booth installation, watch a live soap-opera performance featuring Watson’s sculptural garments, and learn more about her life and practice during a Q&A (with satellite contributions from ex-boyfriends) afterwards. 

Born in Michigan, raised in Indiana, and educated in Missouri at the Kansas City Art Institute, Katie Watson left pieces of her heart all over the Midwest before heading east to New York City in 2007.  While in New York, Katie received an MFA in the International Center of Photography- Bard Program in Advanced Photographic Studies.  She currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado; but she also eats, sleeps, returns library books, pops bottles, walks, hops, and crawls there, too.  Katie’s work has been viewed locally at MCA Denver and PlatteForum, The Society for Contemporary Photography in Kansas City, and Artist Space in New York City. 

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