This Week’s Pick: ArtPlant’s Karaoke Challenge

ArtPlant Karaoke Challenge
ArtPlant Karaoke Challenge

from the Facebook Event Listing-

Thursday May 8th, 2014
8pm – 11:00p.m.
Hamburger Mary’s Denver
$10 Donation

ArtPlant welcomes you to participate in our first ever karaoke fundraiser NOYOKO! The event stands for “You Only Karaoke O̶n̶c̶e̶” (but obviously you don’t!). Rashawn Griffin, ArtPlant’s first artist resident will be in attendance along with our director and board members to sing their hearts out with you Thursday May 8, 2014 at 8pm at Hamburger Mary’s Denver .

Participation is mostly required as we have a list of challenges that will help raise funds for Art-Plant. Be prepared to get soulful and remember, it’s not about being on key, it’s about being committed!

Admission is $10 to be a voyeur but check out the awesome list of possible Karaoke challenges below.

Karaoke Challenges

$10 – Sing Your Heart Out / Sing by yourself

$20 – Friendly Duet – Sing a duet with anyone of your choosing (you pick the song together)

$50 – Karaoke Killer! – Call any individual person in attendance up to sing ANY song you want

$100 – Duet of Death!! – Call any two people up to sing ANY duet of your choice

$150 – Fade From Glory – Pass on any karaoke challenge made to you to someone else!



In the fall of 2013 ArtPlant launched its artist residency program – the first of its kind in Colorado. Denver’s geographic location offers artists space to experiment away from the pressures of the major markets, while providing the material access of an urban environment and affordable proximity to both coasts. Through strategic partnerships with other local organizations ArtPlant is able to assist its residents in acquiring the resources and expertise necessary to complete their work of art, while promoting collaboration within the city. One of the major goals of the ArtPlant residency is to promote cultural exchange. During their stay, residents are provided housing and a studio amidst local artists in an effort to build lasting connections between these artists of note in the larger art world and Denver’s burgeoning art community.

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