Things I want to know

These works reflect an accumulation, appropriation and infiltration of the daily grind. Objects exist as if reams of information gathered from Facebook, random magazines found in waiting rooms, focused research and feminist reading (whether it’s Felix Guattari’s Soft Subversions, Sianne Ngai’s Ugly Feelings, or Arielle Greenberg’s Gurlesque1) could become object-like. It’s a sickness, aversion and compulsion to listen to a certain set of rap, punk and rock lyrics over and over until the work pushes out. They represent things about going fast, gesture, movement and guttural speech- pared down to just what you need to get by. It’s dense and opaque. Coming from the center of incompletion- it’s everything I question. I don’t want to know/ I want to know.

1 Some Notes on the Origin of the (Term) Gurlesque

“The Gurlesque was born of black organza witch costumes and the silver worn-out sequins mashed between scratchy pink tutu netting and velvet unicorn paintings and arena rock ballads and rainbow iron-on glitter decals and self-mutilation and anorexia and bulimia and fighting back and Renaissance Fairies and teen sex and zines and cutting and Sassy and joy and ecstasy and abortion and the Pill and road kill and punk shows and panties and incest and ice cream and rape and we mean this very seriously. No means no, asshole. And yes means yes. And girl means girl except when it doesn’t, which is sometimes.” –Arielle Greenberg


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