The performative piece “all flesh is grass”

Theresa Anderson
all flesh is grass/ brown grass/ things I want to know/ wigs as armor/ fur extensions/ introduce seditious acts/ pranks in the context of chaos

quasi-objects (the objects inside that you hold outside yourself), the performance pedestal with archived objects (the things I want to know) ritual dance objects made by the artist’s father (assorted furs, quills and feathers collected from his hunts, assorted bells, felt and commercial feathers), a dozen orange roses, Rebecca Vaughan wearing a slight mask made of paint, the artist wearing a paper mâché mask

Performance October 26, 2013 7pm at Redline Denver, CO

The artist and performance partner, Rebecca Vaughan, stood and waited for the arrival (or rejection) of a third performance partner who has been selected to have control over whether the performance will be activated.

Upon arrival of the third performance partner, Tracy Tomko, an assortment of squishy, soft, round, organic and/ or long objects were attached to the core of the artist’s body making present the objects inside that she holds outside herself.

If the third performance partner had rejected the proposal the artist and her confirmed performance partner, Rebecca Vaughan would have stood and waited until 7:30 and then the performance would have abruptly ended.

Special Thanks to Kathy Knaus for capturing this short video document.

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