beginning pre-performative




end, post-performance

Theresa Anderson the action cuddle/ wig as armor/ the yard sale/ fur extensions 2013 (the cover) assorted nylons, embroidery thread and acrylic paint (the objects inside that you hold outside yourself) assorted nylons, pillow stuffing, protective devices, floral foam, expandable foam (aka butter/ lard), assorted acrylic paint, fake grass skirt, gold fashion chain, plastic flowers, white and colored feathers, small white pompoms, cotton balls and q-tips (the structure) deconstructed lamp shade, bird cage parts, foam ball, VHS tape from Roseanne 1996-97, pillow stuffing, embroidery thread and picture framing (the movable pedestal) reclaimed wood and plexiglass, metal bed frame (18” x 62 ¼” x 47 ½”) 80” x 62 ¼” x 47 ½”

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