performance document from all flesh is grass
performance document from all flesh is grass

performance document for Theresa Anderson performing with Tracy Tomko and Rebecca Vaughan


all flesh is grass/ brown grass/ things I want to know/ wigs as armor/ fur extensions/ introduce seditious acts/ pranks in the context of chaos

The archived objects in the performance pedestal are a selection of ritual dance objects made by the artist’s father from his hunts. In response the artist made a series of quasi-objects that hold the possibility of softening experience, possibly mitigating past experience/ rituals performed under duress or lack of understanding (hex-anti-hex). The large mask obfuscates sight, sound and smell with only two small slits to allow minimal confident movement. While the objects with athletic strapping have some sexual overtones clothing was selected by each participant in regards to their own sense of agency in this kind of performed “hunt.” Two participants stood and waited for the arrival (or rejection) of a third performance partner who was selected to have control over whether the performance was activated. Upon arrival of the third performance partner, an assortment of squishy, soft, round, organic and/ or long objects were attached to the core of the body making present the objects inside held outside self.

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