dottedDifference can be used to "break down conventional oppositional categories such as rational and irrational, animate and inanimate, political and pure, organic and mechanical." an excerpt from p347 "Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925" Briony Fer#form````non-form
“The Universe is just objects interacting at different scales.”- Dave Anderson
#quasi-objects #actor-network theory #commodity fetish #immaterial labor #economy of actions #production/protection #naming~~highlighting failures erase/build material/ process #constructivist aesthetic categories Sianne Ngai Kant beauty is not perfect material beauty not sublime grotesque feathers soft simple neckholes fur extensions wigs as armor yard sale #gurlesque lollipop #clutterfuck how to have a laugh its handy and cinematic with triple guarantees and exterior decorations mediator vs intermediary soft versus hard material versus concept objects part of social networksoft subversions the beauty of vulgarity Dorothy Lasky Some Notes on the Origin of the (Term) Gurlesque Arielle GreenbergThe Gurlesque was born of black organza witch costumes and the silver worn-out sequins mashed between scratchy pink tutu netting and velvet unicorn paintings and arena rock ballads and rainbow iron-on glitter decals and self-mutilation and anorexia and bulimia and fighting back and Renaissance Fairies and teen sex and zines and cutting and Sassy and joy and ecstasy and abortion and the Pill and road kill and punk shows and panties and incest and ice cream and rape and we mean this very seriously. No means no, asshole. And yes means yes. And girl means girl except when it doesn’t, which is sometimes.” mmmhm. smells like shit communication censorship cuteness constructivist learning theories Sianne Ngai Our Aesthetic Categories “Even the cute object’s strangely powerful assertion of its powerlessness- its insistent demand for love and protection from a more powerful being nonetheless compelled to fulfill its needs- mobilizes a mix of affects that theorists from Edmund Burke to Elaine Scarry attribute to beauty, characterized by the latter in particular as the experience of something fragile, perpetually in danger of being crushed or destroyed, that for that very reason compels us to copy it.”

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