Research on Dutch Hex Signs


Horse Head Hex Sign

This sign is displayed to symbolize protection for your farm animals and pets.

The horse was a very important part if the early PA Dutch farm life. It became a symbol of protection for the families live stock and pets.


Unicorn Hex Sign

This sign is displayed to provide a message of piety, virtue, peace and contentment.

The pair of unicorns in symbolize piety and virtue. Their close proximity shows that all creatures can live in harmony. The addition of the heart and tulips brings love and faith to the design.


Pineapple Hex Sign

This sign is displayed to give a warm and cordial welcome to all visitors.

This design features a large pineapple located at is center. The pineapple brings warmth and hospitality to mankind. The welcome greeting is large enough for all to see as well. The greenery adds a message of the everlasting nature of life.


Love & Romance Hex Sign

This sign is displayed to express love and romance in a relationship.

This colorful sign has a classic look with its geometric style. The large rosette at is center is a symbol of good luck in the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. It provides luck and success in love.


8 Pointed Star Abundance Hex Sign

This sign is displayed to offer abundance and goodwill to everyone.

This design features a smaller star nested inside a larger star. The larger star is surrounded by alternating tulips and wheat sheaves. Goodwill and abundance are brought by the stars and wheat. The tulips bring faith and trust in womankind.

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