Rebecca Vaughan "medallions"
Rebecca Vaughan “medallions”

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Rebecca Vaughan, Erik Isaac, Michael Keen

Is it done? When is artwork done? Leaving room for the viewer in a piece of work,

Redline’s Resource Artist Program, being on a board, the anatomy of an ASK,

Vertigo Art Space, be a cloud not a grid, Amber Cobb’s Stuffed, Cortney Lane Stell and Amber Cobb’s Soft Subversions, passive aggressive, underhanded, civil disobediance, speaking about soft subversion, Sianne Ngai’s Our Aesthetic Categories, Zany, Cute, Interesting, Theresa Anderson, artist as curator, author frames pop culture, cultivated practices in our daily lives, deal with the terror and horror of the stuff we experience in our daily lives, cute stuff, puppies and kittens, how we deal with our confused experience in our world, cued up with Bruce Price’s term “be a cloud not a grid”, vetted on the Untitled Art Show, linking up ideas of how we digest our daily experience, Price’s point is that there are people who work in the cloud but need a grid to get shit done, pay bills, need a cloud to add some kind of lightness to our structured everyday existence, contrasting moments are the seed of what Theresa tries to get at, hermetic, incestuous world,

How does this affect you as an artist?

Describe your piece?

“Medallions” three ornamental shapes that can be read as clouds with marquee lights,

sign of nothingness, waiting for the grid, waiting for the cloud, arrangement suggests clouds, Chris Lavery’s piece on the way to DIA, heavy themes,

Curated from preexisting work, Laura Shill made a work specifically for the show, Invisible Boundaries, curated by Carmen Winant, curate from perspectus, risky, gamble, propose what you want to do, highlights possible role of curator in an artist’s life, wring the best from the artist, love or hate that curatorial process,

If you have a lot of shows booked you are scrambling to make work, collaboration with Theresa Anderson, portfolio of images, want to show outside of Denver, diving headfirst into art practice,

Integrated work at Vertigo Art Space, many varied media and aesthetics, Matt Harris, Tobias Fike, video,

RMCAD, perception of quality of degree, changes at RMCAD due to struggle that’s existed for years,

MOXIE U, Susan Stites


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