(the objects inside that you hold outside yourself) the objects outside the objects inside are held as if as if they exist outside the self as if they are piles of squirming kittens
First Draft, Biennial of the Americas at McNichols, Denver, CO 2013
First Draft, Biennial of the Americas at McNichols, Denver, CO 2013
The description of my piece for the Biennial of the Americas 2013** the action cuddle/ wig as armor/ the yard sale/ fur extensions 2013 (the performative cover) assorted nylons, embroidery thread and acrylic paint, deconstructed lamp shade, bird cage parts, foam ball, VHS tape from Roseanne 1996-97, pillow stuffing, embroidery thread quasi-objects (the objects inside that you hold outside yourself) assorted nylons, white pillow stuffing, small white protective devices from small kitchen appliances, floral foam, injected expandable foam (aka butter/ lard), assorted acrylic paint, fake grass skirt, plastic flowers, white feathers, small white pompoms, cotton balls and q-tips (the movable performance pedestal) assorted reclaimed wood, plexiglass, and metal bed frame with archived quasi-objects [a collectable yard-sale moment with added constructs] (19” x 62 ¼” x 47 ½”)  h x w x d Sianne Ngai Our Aesthetic Categories “Even the cute object’s strangely powerful assertion of its powerlessness- its insistent demand for love and protection from a more powerful being nonetheless compelled to fulfill its needs- mobilizes a mix of affects that theorists from Edmund Burke to Elaine Scarry attribute to beauty, characterized by the latter in particular as the experience of something fragile, perpetually in danger of being crushed or destroyed, that for that very reason compels us to copy it.” Recursive media doubling double down double dip constructivist learning theory intersects with aesthetic category of cuteness ideas of misnegations accumulation/ collection domestic/ failures for more information go here- http://www.biennialoftheamericas.org/first-draft/

Draft Urbanism


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