pollyglottic fictocriticism (a footnote)

“Costello has complied a “partial, contingent and transient toolkit” (2005, ¶22) for practical use when writing fictocriticism. However, this toolkit it not solely for just fictocriticism, it extends to other forms of experimental writing, but it does have an Australian focus. She has grouped quotes from other writers under each part of the “toolkit”. The main points are:
To take risks, to challenge.
To change, transform, question, disrupt.
To be uncertain, indeterminate, contradictory.
To transgress, to be hybrid.
To be silent.
To fragment, to trace, to be incomplete, open, nonlinear, nonhierarchical.
To have a metadiscourse.
To be intertextual.
(Costello 2005, ¶23-30)”****
****a reference found after Christine Battle sent me Kapsula Magazine call for submissions at http://kapsula.ca/

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