Pamela Rosenkranz

Pamela Rosenkranz Born in 1979 in Sils-Maria, Switzerland
Pamela Rosenkranz
Born in 1979 in Sils-Maria, Switzerland


Pamela Rosenkranz is in room 12 of the Arsenale as one of two parts of the Encyclopedic Palace.  Rosenkranz’s art market critique referencing Yves Klein’s Blue Monochrome. 
Also included in the room was works by Alice Channer, Simon Denny, Wade Guyton, Channa Horwitz, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Albert Oehlen and James Richards.
(“The 55th International Art Exhibition entitled Il Palazzo Enciclopedico (The Encyclopedic Palace), curated by Massimiliano Gioni and organized by la Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta, will open to the public from Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, November 24, 2013 at the Giardini and at the Arsenale.”)
Read more about Pamela Rosenkranz work here-
An online map of the 55th Venice Biennale-


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