objects for target practice/ objects for safety

Theresa Anderson "objects for target practice, 2"
Theresa Anderson “objects for target practice, 2”
Theresa Anderson "laid back"
Theresa Anderson “laid back/ object for safety”

Artist as ritual (why I believe in vulgarity) is a series about magic. Made from your cast offs, I accumulate cultural artifacts to gather a person’s energy for reuse. I’m interested in both making objects for safety, aid and protection as well as objects for target practice. Each person holds both (demons and diamonds) inside. Objects then can be held inside of self as if outside of self.

the objects inside

it should be like sitting in a bathtub full of kittens

eating yourself whole

or darth vader masturbating/ having intercourse

it’s the self the yard sale

the hoard

fur extensions

wigs as armor

(the objects inside that you hold outside yourself)

the objects outside

the objects inside are held as if

as if they exist outside the self

(as if they are piles of squirming kittens)



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