NONETHELESS: Curated by Theresa Anderson Kathy Knaus, Anna Maddocks, Katie Watson and Maia Leasure


Kathy Knaus, Katie Watson, Maia Leasure and Anna Maddocks works are arranged as a series of solo exhibitions of the established to the youthful emerging. The strength of this exhibition lies in the difference of art making methods. Kathy Knaus and Anna Maddocks broach and/or break ideas of formal requirements of a successful piece of art. Katie Watson works through conceptual methods. Maia Leasure’s young, earnest spoken word poetry pushes against the confines of the visual. And yet, each in some facet plies abstraction as a process to step back and leave space for the viewer to complete the work, insisting on seeking pleasure amongst absence. I can’t help but note that the outcome is gratifyingly not yet determined.

“The judgment “interesting” is thus at once conceptual, in that some

standard is clearly required for the perception of difference in the

first place (different from what?).  Non-conceptual in the sense that

the concept for that perceived difference is affectively registered as

missing. Provoked by the absence of a name for the difference that

one is NONETHELESS registering the experience of the interesting

is essentially a feeling of not-yet-knowing…. the experience of

“interesting” explicitly registers the absence of a concept.  What did

I notice and then not notice about the appearance of the object in

order to have judged it interesting? Wonder is a bridge to a more

active desire to know.”

Sianne Ngai, Our Aesthetic Categories

Curated by Theresa Anderson

A new set of paintings, sculpture and installation punctuates Kathy Knaus’ intimate blend of unrelated materials.  A wooden structure hung with spontaneous marks on both small and large canvases represents displacement.  A formless flimsy sculpture made from leftover painting rags personifies objects that were once definite, pure, solid and real but are now vague, faint, formless…a stored memory.

Kathy Knaus "37 stitches"
Kathy Knaus “37 stitches”

Kathy Knaus  “37 stitches” 5’x5x5” sewn used paper paint rags

Anna Maddocks’ newest two and three-dimensional drawings tell the story of a longing to walk freely on the land while simultaneously wanting to be in the safety and comfort of a home. One great conflict of human life happens when we need one thing and want another. We want stability but long for the freedom of an unstructured life. We want to settle down, but dream of living free of attachment to place. The work shown in “Nonetheless” tells the story of this walk among the land and the seeking to understand the relationship between our land and the homes on it.

A brand new suite of objects by Katie Watson serves as a set of tools for intimate negotiation. Suits that force sexual positions; utensils designed to exchange oral fluids; ad-hoc accessories—each item begs to be worn,but to be worn specifically. Far more than garments, these works are instructions. Consumer conventions, bespoke adornment, and “one-size-fits-all” notions are echoed throughout Watson’s offering. Every object evokes the presence of two bodies (demonstrated through photographic evidence), but these wearables are displayed limp and empty, welcoming the conflict that arises when attempting to wear alone.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, Maia Leasure’s intense videos describe life as a teen.  Her original “spoken word” poetry is voiced over throughout the videos.  Her blizzard of words and emotions are simply stunning.

Ice Cube Gallery

3320 Walnut Street

Denver, Co  80205


Show runs:  Thursday, October 17 through Saturday, November 9, 2013

Opening Reception:  Friday, October 18 5-9pm

Special Event:  First Friday, November 1 5-9 pm special poetry performance

by Maia Leasure (from Los Angeles)

Gallery Hours: Thursday noon-5pm

Friday noon-9pm       Saturday noon-5pm

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