Imagining a Feminist Actor-Network Theory Andrea Quinlan, York University, Canada

from the abstract
“ANT will be understood in this paper as a deeply theoretical methodology often used to explore the messiness of scientific practice and technological innovation. ANT, like feminist Standpoint Theory, does not provide an ex- planatory framework for empirical realties, as social theories often do (Law, 2007). Nor does it provide a rigid set of methodological rules for studying associations (Latour, 2005). Rather, as Law (2007) suggests, ANT is a “toolkit for telling interesting stories” (p. 1). ANT provides tools for tracing “actors”, both human and non- human, and the ways they work collectively in “networks” of action (Latour, 2005, p. 5). Research in the field of ANT often tells sto- ries of the “complexities”, “translations”, and “multiplicities” found in science and technology (Law & Mol, 2002, p. 7).” -

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