Groundswell Gallery and DIRECT CONNECT DENVER presents: What if…

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from the press release
What if ..., reflects on the “call and response” nature of the artistic process where the artist initiates a work by manipulating material and then influenced by the material, follows through accordingly. This dance is repeated in a series of steps until completion. Often times the unknown variables in this process are what excites or motivates an artist. This project ensures unknown variables by pairing a Denver artist with an Artist from Berlin and asking each artist to initiate a work via the linguistic question, “What if…?” responding to that question visually, then allowing a visual follow up to complete the work. Thus begins the chance relationship.The work created by artists from Berlin will be completed by Denver artists and shown throughout three venues, GroundSwell Gallery, Hinterland, and Showpen.The work by Denver artists will be completed in Berlin and exhibited at Neurotitan, a gallery in Berlin.There is no thematic curation involved. Instead the exchange process is seen as more of a cultural event.Rather than isolate the destination and focus on the exhibition as a crescendo, we are interested in exploring the whole exchange as a quasi “happening.”
  HINTERLAND 3254 Walnut St. Denver, Co 80205 Libby Barbee/Pura Kauf Mike Bernhardt/Wurstbande Mindy Bray/Doro Huber Beau Carey/Ian Lidde Amber Cobb/Felix Bork Lanny DeVuono/Johannes Mundinger Amanda Gordan Dunn/John Reaktor Sandra Fettingis/Lisa Smith Donald Fodness/Tom Eingenhufe Matt Harris/Sophia Hirsch Sean Hudson/RYLSEE Diane Martonis/Jimmy Draht/Marion Suchitra Mattai/Claudia Bernhardt Jaime Molina/Milla Jonathon Nicklow/Marie Jacobi Gabriel Otto/Kathi Käppel Rebecca Peebles/Xueh Magrini Thomas Robertson/acidfarm Dylan Scholinski/anef Sarah Scott/Tine Fetz Stacey Steers/Julia Benz Bruce Price/Anne Grön Chinn Wang/44 flavours Jacqueline Sophia Cordova/Stephen Hiam Showpen 809 W. 9th Ave Denver, CO 80204 Katie Caron/Katharina Salzbrunn Amber Farnell/Simon Becker Tobias Fike/Klub7 Alvin Gregorio/Monkey & Aargh Johanna Mueller/Hendrik Berends Kelly Monico/Andrea Wan John McEnroe/Romy Blümel Zach Reini/Uta Kalthoff Rebecca Vaughan/Phillip Janta GroundSwell Gallery 3121 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206 Nathan Abels/Natsuyo Kolzumi Sabin Aell/Jim Avignon Theresa Anderson/Rebecca Blöcher Tyler Beard/Andres Villareal Tonia Bonnell/Maik Hasenbank Sara Guindon/Sophia Martineck Caleb Hahne/Nettmann Andrew Haley/Parastu Katy Havens/Sabine Rollnik Travis Hetman/Johan Büsen Andrew Huffman/Vela Jeffrey King/SLANG Susan Meyer/Adeline Meilliez Laurie Lynnxe Murphy/Nina Pagalles Jeff Page/Ann M Cazal (caz.l) Jason Reno/Francesco Cassi Gretchen Marie Schaefer/Breeda CC Jeff Starr/Olivia Pils Derrick Velasquez/Mike Friedrich Danette Montoya/Julienne Jattiot

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