Gretchen Marie Schaefer

Gretchen Marie Schaefer "Distilation Process"
Gretchen Marie Schaefer “Distilation Process”
Gretchen Marie Schaefer "delineation"
Gretchen Marie Schaefer “delineation”
Gretchen Marie Schaefer "tooth"
Gretchen Marie Schaefer “tooth”
Gretchen Marie Schaefer "In Apposition" Detail
Gretchen Marie Schaefer “In Apposition” Detail


Gretchen Marie Schaefer "In Apposition"
Gretchen Marie Schaefer “In Apposition”

Gretchen Marie Schaefer is one of my founding contributors who’s selected a day of twitter for her trendy kickback. I’ve been following Schaefer’s work since her residency at Redline Denver and now (congrats) she’s heading up the Visiting Artist, Scholar & Designer program at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

A few of my favorite pieces by Schaefer include her Attempt at Delineation in the Rude Gallery, RMCAD, her drawing assemblage, In Apposition curated by Harmony Hammond into Material Engagements at Redline, as well as her piece in Au: Exchange, an exhibition curated by Cortney Lane Stell, that consisted of a small gold capped tooth in a white enamel soap dish hanging on the wall.

Last fall she left her studio at Redline and now has gone on as a founder of Tank Studios.

Huge opening party Saturday, May 18 4-8pm!

1474 South Acoma Street, Denver, Colorado 80223

The Tank Studio Fundraiser

Donate at

“In January 2013 nine artists built out what has now become TANK Studios in Denver, CO. TANK Studios aims to be a long-term sustainable and affordable studio space for high quality artists at all levels of a career. We understand that having a stronger community makes stronger artists and is conducive to making work that maximizes our potential. Open studio floor plans promotes open dialog and critique – two critical parts of our art making practices. We want to expand now because we are hoping to add to the TANK Community as soon as possible, and build out more studios.

Located in Denver, Colorado on South South Broadway, TANK Studios situates itself in an eclectic neighborhood that includes antique shops, warehouses, bars, 7 – Elevens, and an ARC thrift store. We love our new digs and feel the need to expand on this affection. As a group, current TANK members put in over 515 man/woman hours into building walls for the space. This exemplifies a level of commitment and expectations we have put on ourselves and hope to continue into the future. Again, we feel community and a safe environment are key to this project.

The second phase of the TANK Studios build out will add 3200 to our current 3000 square foot space. In phase one, we created an open floor plan of studios that range from 230-300 square feet. By design, our layout emphasizes our need and want to have a friendly and responsible community of artists. We are asking you to help raise $5234 to help offset material and labor costs for the expansion of TANK Studios. Phase II of our build out of TANK Studios will allow us curate the best artists into a space where they can all thrive and contribute to the Denver and national art scene. Should this project be overfuneded, we will use the money to buy and properly install track lighting in a small gallery space in the building as well as improve access points to the studios.

Thank you so much for your support! We understand that to be a strong foundation and important part of the Denver art community, we must sometimes lean on others to help us along.

Current TANK Studios members include: Beau Carey, Theresa Clowes, Ian Fisher, Conor King, Gretchen Marie Schaefer, Sarah Wallace Scott, Joel Swanson, Derrick Velasquez, and David Zimmer. We also intend to host the Art-Plant residency created by Adam Gildar of Gildar Gallery.”


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