theresa anderson sisyphus detail

Theresa Anderson “sisyphus” 2011

Stack of paintings with images of houses removed with plastic darts shot through, chair and ottoman with oh, close your eyes fabric, cleaned and painted boar’s head, plastic quilt made from 40 days hoarded plastic, one years worth of child’s homework sewn together, strings of lace fabric connecting down to wall of wires, wall graphics,  spray paint, stuffed santa, Japanese porcelain doll, tree skirt, pine cones, painting, drawing, lamps, hidden video (the maid) to the viewer in an old milk box with a peephole hardware, television playing appropriated video from that woman’s television viewing, some child’s drawing on a  ceramic plate, biographical photographs of Queen Qong hidden by clerical stickers and then re-hidden again, child’s silver rattle, game, girl’s comic books, poem written on wall,  blankets and boars heads and pretty chairs oh close your eyes, the pain will go away, golden girl wearing golden halos and golden gloves, bucklers on my waist, precariously stacking black and white racing stripes, I am Sisyphus I am the shrew(d), the greek queen holding that man, that man employing his tools, like Muscles that extend his intellect and power in any direction; my tool can push this crusty boulder uphill through the stratosphere into space


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