fighting video with video

Check out this pilot video of Ovation’s new web series Touching the Art, a talk show format hosted by Casey Jane Ellison.  Ellison’s trying way too hard with a forced and affected sarcasm in her commentary about “Why does art alienate the general public? What is art’s purpose in society? Why would celebrities want to become artists? Why does work by women artists fetch lower prices?”

During the pilot, Ellison quickly glosses over the all female makeup of the show that is offered as a “meta critique of the perceived gender imbalance of panel shows.” This comes off narrow, binary, reductive (ahem-white) and seems to be a ploy to garner attention to a hot topic. I’d rather watch a show that models a balanced approach rather than a tit-for-tat.

Panelists Bettina Korek and Jori Finkel stoic reactions on this edit of the pilot were tempered (thankfully) by Catherine Opie who rolled with it. Opie may have walked off the set shrugging her shoulders and saying “WTF?” Good topics, the snark/ comedy is there- just tweak the made up persona.  Ellison you’re already doing it here-

Thanks to Christina Battle I have this palette cleanser by Jacob Ciocci.


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