(conversations) out of context

photo courtessy Redline
photo courtesy Redline

Please join me at Redline Tuesday, September 23 from 6-8pm for drinks and conversation centered around the current exhibition “Harmony Hammond: Becoming/ Unbecoming Monochrome.”

(conversations) out of context is not formally a critique group but started during my residency at Redline in the interest of exploring the kinds of speech that may occur around art making and artists that James Elkins described in his book “Art Critiques.” Elkins wrote that “Critiques are an entirely different matter. They are unbelievably difficult to understand, and rich with possibilities. Critiques are public conversations, “civic dialogue” as one (artist) calls them. They can be open, inclusive, democratic. All kinds of meanings, all forms of understanding, can be at issue.

Critiques can mimic real- life situations: they can sound like seductions, trials, poems, or fights. They can run the range from deathly boring to incoherently passionate—and that is appropriate, because artworks themselves express the widest spectrum of human response. But the price critiques pay for that richness is very high. Critiques can come perilously close to total nonsense. Sometimes they just barely make sense.”

Open to all comers. Makers and Lookers alike.


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