Colored Girls Hustle Hard

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The Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape is using powerful beats and powerful words to catalyze audacious self-expression and authentic living. We speak from our lived experiences as Black women to affirm, honor and celebrate how our communities hustle hard for justice, creativity, and wellness.Music is a powerful thing. It’s a tool. It’s magic. It’s food. The messages we feed ourselves have life and power. The mixtape is an adventure in creating movements — in our bodies, in our spirits, with our voices. We are inspiring other people and ourselves to make bold movements in the world. This is the groundwork for our vision of hustle: doing passion-filled and purpose–driven work. Hustle from your heart and for your dreams.

Our impact? Feel good in your life. Feel good in your work. Bump this in your car, in your headphones, on campuses, in classrooms, parties and bedrooms. Sing along. Be affirmed. Voice these lyrics when you walk down the street, when you exercise, when you twerk in the mirror — #lookbackatit.”


released 19 June 2014
Original lyrics by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris
Guest artists: Chaunda “Dezi” Brown, Jasmine Eileen Coles, Audrey Elaine Hailes, Ema Lou, Kelly Thomas
Engineers: Elus and Sincere King
Producers: Ron Roosevelt, Ralleyrahrah

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