Caleb Hahne @Showpen Residency

Caleb Hahne "Frigid Touch"
Caleb Hahne Frigid Touch


Caleb Hahne gallery view
Caleb Hahne gallery view

Have you heard of heterotopia? If you haven’t just ask Caleb Hahne. It’s the topic of his first solo exhibition, “Different Spaces,” that is up through the end of the month at Showpen Gallery. Hahne’s a young upstart who’s attending Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and concurrently in residence at Donald Fodness’ live work space, Showpen.

I’d been poking about in Hahne’s studio during the earlier in the month after seeing the poetically steadfast drawing exhibit by Kathryn Wingard and Andrew Haley. I’m a studio junkie and was impressed with Hahne’s drawing and sculptural work that he had lying around. His installation of these works mimics the exploration of space and surface that I saw in evidence in his studio. Hahne, pulling from Foucault’s ideas on structural and experiential alterity uses that quirky gallery space to a nice effect with the mirror and objects mining the facing wall’s strange inset box.

If you don’t have readly access to Hahne to chat about heterotopia check out this website dedicated to just that-

Contact Showpen on their facebook page (there’s also some nice face pics here too)-

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