an empathy project“Empathy produces a total travesty if it doesn’t unravel the nature of the outsider.”

 –Renzo Martens , in conversation with T.J. Demos, 2012

“it is my hope to widen the opportunities for others to question their own identities while also normalizing trans* identities by providing the space for all people/trans to feel empowered, to increase support and compassion in community.”

-d scholinski

“i wanted to do this project in community with dylan after he gave me a shirt that said “nobody knows I’m transsexual” and realized more fully his experience in the world.  A seemingly simple action produced a better understanding.”

-t anderson

scholinski/ anderson april 9, 2015 an empathy project t-shirts, zines, photo booth with costumes and props, and 20+ volunteers including: Dev & Jess, Oliver Holloway, Kelly Anne Brewer, Jaime Carrejo, Laura Shill, Amber Cobb, Evan Chandler, Susan, Lars Dean (special thanks to Redline for commissioning the project)


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