Amande In: It’ll be gone tomorrow

The solo exhibition, “IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU,” by Amande In at RMCAD is quirky. Something I’ve had to think about a bit. Your experience will be different than mine. I’m sure. The work is spare, minimal and transitional. Would I have felt the same about the work if I hadn’t have happened upon the artist with her puppy, Mitsouko, in the gallery? This effect should not be poo pooed nor discounted in some kind of thing so ephemeraland fleeting as “IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU.”

In the East Gallery the work, Trill, (‘too real’) is centered on youth, cleanliness and pink flesh. The three round carpets gobbed, rubbed and smeared with Vaseline are patches of sexualized hair or remnants from body landscaping. The blue line across the wall is a cheeky pun. The overpowering smell of cleaning products led me to a grouping of small round silver galvanized buckets filled with different colored fluids and pearlized soap. I could help but think of douching. The translucent diamond panes of glass with pink “flesh” Band-Aids reference a fair-skinned close-up of a white girl. (Think hand-held mirrors.) Where others might have a seminal moment this is figuratively clitoral.

In the West Gallery A New Perspective For Perspective is made up of, or looks like, every pedestal in stock topped with sculptural paintings fabricated by freezing water and water color pigments. When I’d arrived at 8:30 the pieces had started to puddle and a few rested askew. I knew that it would be gone tomorrow.

Amanda In A New Perspective for Perspective
Amande In “A New Perspective for Perspective”


Curated by Cortney Lane Stell and up through July 18th 2013.




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