everything squiggles

everything squiggles is a solo exhibition of artist Theresa Anderson, featuring a series of new sculptures and a hand-drawn animation entangled with paintings and drawings resurrected from the artist’s archive. By bringing her new work into conversation with older work, the exhibition strikes the core of her process—a constant circling of ideas and a discursive flow through abstraction and representation. Explored through a variety of media and materials, the exhibition invites visitors into a tactile and esthetic atmosphere filled with amorphous figures that echo human form and beg a forbidden touch. Undeniably and unapologetically feminine, yet genderless, the work embodies a powerful yet delicate interaction with space and a sensuous reconditioning of site and self for the viewer. 

Characterized by a marked economy of spatial and material resources, Anderson’s work stems from both performance and years of a rigorous painting practice. An expansion of her ongoing explorations and studio rhythms, her work is developed in close connection with her materials, which she studies, manipulates and generates into form. In a process of reduction achieved through accumulation over significant periods of time, the work eventually reveals itself.  The formal language of her art is articulated through layers of women’s pantyhose, cushiony pigments, cheerful colors, sumptuous silicone and pillow-soft foam combined with the occasional use of industrial hardware, all strategically sparse and decisively utilized. The inherent tension in the stark contrast of texture and surface tautly suspends the work, in all its forms. Whether freestanding, hovering, painted or animated, her work exists in an endless cycle of soft conquering and consuming the taciturn. A sensibility that underscores the artists conceptual aim to symbolically extend touch and performatively make us more aware of our own materiality. – Mardee Goff, curator

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