performance document from “recitations on agency and inadequacy/ sites of pressure and pleasure/ fun and unfun/ many person harness/ kicking feet from under self, 1”

a seven person harness fabricated from athletic elastic banding (aka a big jock strap), easy release buckles, expandable textile bags filled with flour, feather pillows, mostly appropriated video with sound, approximately 10 minute duration

Commissioned by the Biennial of the Americas Pavilion in collaboration with RedLine Denver, 2015

Special thanks to participants Frankie Bushell, Katie Bowman, Amber Cobb, Patrick McGuire, Zac Maas, Ella Trujillo, and Larry Shavers Jr.

kicking feet is a long term project that is not practiced nor rehearsed. A fluctuating group meet at determined spaces and times and are given light directions to work with a selection of props. Each time the work is performed a new description is formed.


an excerpt from the performance, kicking feet from Theresa Anderson on Vimeo.

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